The Art and Science of Interface and Interaction Design

The Art and Science of Interface and Interaction Design204 Seiten Verlag Springer


The series Studies in Computational Intelligence (SCI) publishes new developments and advances in the various areas of computational intelligence – quickly and with a high quality. The intent is to cover the theory, applications, and design methods of computational intelligence, as embedded in the fields of engineering, computer science, physics and life science, as well as the methodologies behind them.
The series contains monographs, lecture notes and edited volumes in computational intelligence spanning the areas of neural networks, connectionist systems, genetic algorithms, evolutionary computation, artificial intelligence, cellular automata, self-organizing systems, soft computing, fuzzy systems and hybrid intelligent systems. Critical to both contributors and readers are the short publication time and world-wide distribution – this permits a rapid and broad dissemination of research results.
Artists and creators in interactive art and interaction design have long been conducting research on human-machine interaction. Through artistic, conceptual, social and critical projects, they have shown how interactive digital processes are essential elements for their artistic creations. Resulting prototypes have often reached beyond the art arena into areas such as mobile computing, intelligent
ambiences, intelligent architecture, fashionable technologies, ubiquitous computing and pervasive gaming. Many of the early artist-developed interactive technologies have influenced new design practices, products and services of today’s media society. This book brings together key theoreticians and practitioners of this fields.
It shows how historically relevant the issues of interaction and interface design are, as they can be analyzed not only from an engineering point of view but from a social, artistic and conceptual, and even commercial angle as well.


Peter Weibel

Christa Sommerer, Lakhmi C. Jain, Laurent Mignonneau

Introduction to the Art and Science of Interaction and Interface Design (Vol. 1)
Christa Sommerer, Lakhmi C. Jain, Laurent Mignonneau

Interactivity – A Word in Process
Katja Kwastek

Strategies of Interactivity
Dieter Daniels

Interfaces in Public and Semi-public Space
Joachim Sauter

Interactivity as Media Reflection between Art and Science
Monika Fleischmann, Wolfgang Strauss

Media Facades as Architectural Interfaces
Laurent Mignonneau, Christa Sommerer

Interaction Design for Ubiquitous Content
Masa Inakage, Satoru Tokuhisa, Eri Watanabe, Yu Uchida

Ubiquitous Gaming Interaction: Engaging Play Anywhere
Tiago Martins, Nuno Correia, Christa Sommerer, Laurent Mignonneau

Fashionable Technology – The Next Generation of Wearables
Sabine Seymour, Laura Beloff

The Hybrid City: Augmented Artworks on the Public Space
Clara Boj, Diego Díaz

Digital Art/Public Art: Governance and Agency in the Networked Commons
Christiane Paul

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