Exhibition Experiments

Exhibition Experiments edited by Sharon Macdonald and Paul Basu272 Seiten Verlag WB

Edited by Sharon Macdonald and Paul Basu


Exhibition Experiments is a lively collection that considers experiments with museological form that challenge our understanding of – and experience with – museums.

Explores examples of museum experimentalism in light of cutting-edge museum theory

Draws on a range of global and topical examples, including museum experimentation, exhibitionary forms, the fate of conventional notions of ‘object’ and ‘representation’, and the impact of these changes

Brings together an international group of art historians, anthropologists, and sociologists to question traditional disciplinary boundaries

Considers the impact of technology on the museum space tackles a range of examples of experimentalism from many different countries, including Australia, Austria, Germany, Israel, Luxembourg, Sweden, the UK and the US

Examines the changes and challenging new possibilities facing museum studies